Texas Style Outdoor Momma

Welcome and thanks for joining this adventure! Lets get this party started and find out about your guide. 

My name is Annett and I carry a bag of hats every day. First and foremost I am a wife and a momma. I met my husband the weekend after I moved home from college in December of 2004. I'll add details as we go, he's in most of my adventures. I have two blessings. In 2010 we welcomed a bouncing baby boy T. He is my thinker and builder. Three years later we added princess S. A fearless explorer, unless you are an unfamiliar person. They amaze us everyday. 

From there I add Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I love what I do (just not the pain in the are technical insurance BS) Short version: I work with individuals with developmental delays, Autism, ADHD and a whole list of other behavioral issues. I always say I get my butt whooped by little people for a living. Some of them are not so little!

After that I toss in a little bit of fun... I dabble in network marketing, crafts, love my crock pot and OUTDOORS. Mainly anything associated with fishing, camping, being on the beach or lake and did I mention fishing?

So that is the mini version of my life and how you ended up here. Texas Style Outdoor Momma is my way of sharing the adventure. In the process I'll share tips, tricks and tried and true ways to make enjoying the world of camping, fishing and water life work for the busy family. Who knows what will happen, I never know what is actually going to come out of my mouth. While I'll try to keep it PG 13 I am a sailor mouthed, fun loving lady that isn't always on my best behavior. 

Hope you enjoy!

Me and My Hubby - November 2016 - Tx Ren Faire

Me and My Hubby - November 2016 - Tx Ren Faire