10 Essential Summer Travel Supplies

It's only January but I am ready for warmer weather that is just a smidgen more predictable. With a little time off and cleaning to get tackled I ran across the "magic bag". Seemed like a great time to check it out. Just unzipping the bag brings memories and a smile. It smells of sun, fun and laughter permeate the air as a reminder of adventure's of the past and excitement of the future. 

What makes this bag so magical? This bag lives in my vehicle starting at the first sign of travel. For us it's as early as March when the schedule slows after the first of the year and the weather gets steadier. Im also not opposed to hitting the beach in December. 

The contents are what I have found as my must haves, don't leave home without and don't have to waste time hunting for items. 

This post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products or services that I use and love though.

Do Not BeCaught Unprepared-2.png

1. Sunscreen - Don't judge but the spray bottle is in the bag currently. Its great for in a pinch and not covering the whole body. I'll be restocking the good stuff soon.  

2. Bug repellant - Seeing that the little's both attract biting bugs, it's a requirement. I prefer to avoid the itchy, swollen red marks. (Currently using Avon Bug Guard Plus from the Skin So Soft Line)

3. Mini First Aid Kit - Just the basics. I'm pretty sure I picked up this little kit at a conference for work. Its small and keeps it all together. Compact is great. Triple Antibiotic Ointment in the pump bottle so you don't have to worry about the cap and Band aids - Per the Princess, Dory makes it all better!  

4. Baby powder - Most effective way to rid the sand from the bodies before loading up. Dust on after towel drying and brush off. Helps dry up the excess moisture too keeping some of the beach on the shore line and out of the carpet. 

5. Wipes -I have the baby wipes as they are handy for everything and if they dry out I just add a little water and go with it. 

6.Sunglasses for everyone! It never fails that someone with forget, break or loose the eyewear just when they need/want it. I pick up extra's at the dollar store when I find them in the preferred character. I also prefer not to wear my good glasses when we're in the water and not on the boat. 

7. Dry box - This is a life saver. Even when unplugging we always keep a phone on us. It keeps the necessities dry. Keys, phones and money goes in here. It floats too just incase. You can find them in many major stores or  here for the one we have been using for at least 2 years. (affiliate link)

8. Back up battery - Cause you just never know. I keep one charged at all times. Its tossed in the dry box and always ready to go. (Not pictured)

9. Thermal Tote - I love my thermal tote. It lays flat and can be smooshed to  take up less room. If it gets dirty it can be tossed in the washer and be ready to rock the next trip out.  Check out the patterns here

10. Wash rag - I picked up a cheap set at the dollar store and keep one handy. They are great for when you need a dry rag instead of a wet wipe. (Not Pictured in bag)

The current bag is a zip top thermal tote from Thirty-one. Its durable and can be wiped out as needed. It's also great when the temperatures rise - toss an icepack in a zip lock bag and don't worry about the contents burning you when you use them or the phones exploding!

Summer is short, Late evenings fade fast so keep your bag packed and be ready to conquer the fun and sun!

Want to get prepped? Get your Summer Travel Bag Checklist here