Chasin' the fishing fix At Burroughs Park

While we would rather be hitting the lake on the boat chasing crappie's we took the time to load up and hit the local pond.  Burroughs Park has a great size pond that is stocked with bass, catfish and perch. The weather has been weird. Seriously all 4 seasons in a week. Lows in the 30's to high's close to 80. Storms, hurricane force winds with no rain are common this month! Forecast showed a mellow day so we jumped on it hoping it wouldn't be too wet. 

Boroughs park has a really nice list of amenities that include a pier to fish on, walking trails, fully enclosed dog park and a variety of play ground set ups. One of my favorite is the bench swing!

We looked like we were doing some serious fishing lugging everything to the pond. New fishing poles ready to test out the water. The kids dug up worms in the yard with daddy before we headed out. S was very determined that she was putting them in the bucket regardless of who unearthed the wiggly soon to be snacks. 

I would love to say the kids fished for at least an hour but not so much. S caught a perch right away and got so excited she almost dropped her light up Olaf pole but recovered quickly to reel in a tiny prize. I cherish the honest, true and raw emotions of both kids at this age. 


As T reeled in his first fish S cheered with delight "Oh bubby you caught anoder one", "I'm so powd of you" followed with "It's so cute, good job".  They posed for a quick picture and off we were.  After another 3 or 4 fish each they were done. I'll give them props for lasting that long with the enticing swing set in the near distance. 

The random weather had the park empty compared to a normal Saturday so they were easy to watch from the pond. The hubs and I continued to catch palm size and smaller perch one after the other. The urge to fish was calmed but definitely not silenced. 

This park and pond offers a wonderful opportunity for practicing your cast, gives the reinforcement of actually catching a fish and space to relax. It's great for kids to get hooked on the adventure! 

Both kids have been exposed to fishing since early on. S younger then T only because other life was happening. I feel its something to expose them to. Its a whole process. The packing, traveling, checking everything, the actual fishing part, education and safety are all involved. I am paranoid of them hooking themselves or someone else. I know its going to happen one of these days. Then there is the wait. Oh the wait. It could be a few minutes, a few hours or even the entire day. Our kids live in such a busy, electronic saturated on demand world that it can be overwhelming. Developmentally a young kid literally  may not have a lot of patience to wait AND stay calm. Heck I know adults that are in constant motion and sitting still would drive them crazy. 

With that being said, take into consideration what your child is capable of and be willing to take a break BEFORE they hit melt down mode.   Fighting a threenager thats pissed off and bored in the middle of a lake when the bites just get going is not the turn I want the day to take. Ill be repacking the 'Busy Box' for the boat soon to keep them occupied when they have given up the fishing. (stat tuned) 


  • Take into consideration what your child is capable of and be willing to take a break BEFORE they hit melt down mode.   I can not stress enough that you do not want to have a battle of will power with a tired, cranky, hungry or bored threenager  in the middle of a lake or when you have 3 arm fulls of gear to haul back to your truck or camp site.  Prevention is key - a miserable trip makes everyone less likely to do it again. 

A typical child can focus attention on one task for 2- 5 minutes per year old they are. 

  • 2 years old          4-10 minutes
  • 3 years old          6 - 15 minutes
  • 4 years old          8 - 20 minutes
  • 5 years old         10 - 25 minutes
  • 6 years old         12 - 30 minutes
  • 7 years old          14 - 35 minutes
  • 8 years old        16 - 40 minutes
  • 9 years old        18 - 45 minutes
  • 10 years old      20 - 50 minutes 

Happy Fishing.