5 Meals  3 Ingredient Crock Pot Dinners

While I would love to camp and fish everyday that is just not the case. We are a busy family. Currently not running ragged with the extra stuff but I see that happening in the next few years. I LOVE my crock pot (s). Yes, I have multiple. The oval one I use most often, round one I got in college, my mom's that you only use when you need the high temp because even low is HOT and the mini crock pot for the dips. I have my eye on a new one but haven't pulled the trigger, apparently there is a magic insta pot thing that people are flocking to that i want to check out. 

If you check pintrest you could literally spend a week solid pinning  tasty treats for the pot of wonder. I went through a wonderful stage of meal prep - plan out meals for x amount of time, purchase all ingredients, slice & dice, measure and pour into labeled ziplock freezer bags and viola meals ready to go. This was wonderful but I have slacked greatly in this department and it takes an entire day to complete 2 weeks worth of dinners no matter how well planned out your meals are. Again it wasn't hard just time consuming. 

In our busy schedule I would forget to pull a meal out to thaw, while they say you can cook the meal from frozen I just don't feel right about it. Its a me thing. 

If you don't know where to start or are in the market for some quick and tasty meals I'm here to share my go to's.  These are only the main portion, sides are up to you. The normal is a veggie, either canned or frozen, along with a starch (Potato's (instant) , Rice or a pasta). 

* Meats are interchangeable on the meals listed below, I like to catch the meat specials and mix and match to change up the flavor or texture. 

I use the crock pot insert bags to make clean up easier and if the store is out or doesn't have them the oven bags work in a pinch. 

I will start the meal at 7:15 am and we eat dinner around 6:45 pm as long as they are left on Low it shouldn't dry out. The crock pot I have can be set for 2 - 8 hours then will drop down a setting or turn off. The warm temp keeps it at a safe temperature if you are going to be eating later in the day. Most often I turn it on Low for 8 hours before it cycles to low. 

Meal Option 1

Meat of choice + 1 Packet Ranch Dressing Seasoning + cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup      Put Meat in crock pot, add Seasoning on top and pour soup over it with 1/4 to 1/2 can of water. I don't even bother stirring it. Turn on Low and let it go. 

* I have done this with Chicken, Pork Chops, Pork Loin & Pork Shoulder.   

Meal Option 2

Meat of choice + Onion soup mix + Turkey gravy (already prepared in the jar kind)                                                       Put the meat in, pour the soup mix over it, add the gravy and put the lid on. This one I don't ever mix up. Turn on low and continue on with your day!

* Fantastic with a pork loin, pork chops or pork shoulder. Also have used a roast and chicken. 

Meal Option 3

Meat of choice + Italian Dressing Seasoning + Cream of Chicken or Cream of Celery Soup.                                   Put Meat in crock pot, add Seasoning on top and pour soup over it with 1/4 to 1/2 can of water. I don't even bother stirring it. Turn on Low and let it go.  

*This is a go to for chicken (thighs, breasts and drumsticks) & pork

Meal Option 4

Meat of choice + red plum jam/jelly + 1 can broth (chicken or beef)  It sounds sweet but its not overly sweet            Variation - Add packet of Italian salad dressing seasoning for a little more flavor. 

*Great for roast or pork loin. Honestly haven't tried chicken but it would definitely work too. 


Meal Option 5

Meat + BBQ Sauce of your preference (about 1/2 - 3/4 bottle) + Pineapples with juice (diced or crushed in can)  It has a Hawaiian vibe

* Delicious for with chicken (all varieties) pork and beef. Sky is the limit!

This is a quick and easy list of "dump" and go meals that can keep your tummy full and reduce your stress by having a hot meal waiting on your instead of staring into the pantry when you just want to sit down and wind down from a long day.   Of course you can get fancy and technical but we will save that for another day!