Annett Allen - Beach Dreaming Lashes
Annett Allen - Beach Dreaming Lashes
Lashes ~ Coffee ~ Beach Dreaming

Lashes Have Never Been Easier to Apply

Even If You Have Never Tried Applying Lashes Before!


These Lashes Are Amazing

Not to mention the brow kits and more

Our propriety magnetic lash liner makes putting on gorgeous magnetic false eye lashes as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Change Your Lashes in a Snap!

The magnetic lashes pair with our Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner. They are beautiful, comfortable, effortless and long-lasting. They can be worn up to 20 times per pair. Magnetude Magnetic Lashes can be trimmed to fit your lash line. They are made from silk & nylon with rare earth magnets.


Change your lashes like you change your shoes! We've got a lash for every occasion. Simple to apply, long lasting and affordable. Say bye to lash extensions and say hello to magnetic lashes!


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August 2019

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